Do you want to sell your Used Gear at Control?

Your Used Gear can be consigned for Store Credit or cash payment via bank check or Paypal. We offer this option to those living in New York City and its surrounding Metropolitan area. In some cases, we can accommodate Used Gear being mailed to us.

Email us at or drop by our storefront with your items. We can determine if we will take your items on consignment.

Consignment Rates & Terms

Upon the sale of an item, the consignor receives 75% of the item’s agreed sale price as cash payout via bank check or Paypal. For store credit, the consignor receives 80% of the agreed sales price. Crediting and Payments will be made 3-7 business days after the date of sale depending on the item consigned. Full terms can be viewed when dropping off your Used Gear with us.

Consignment & Weekend Payouts

Payments are best done by emailing us at We can arrange store credit to be sent to your Control account, prepare your bank check for pickup, or send you a Paypal payment.

Important Information on Cash Payments and Crediting made on Weekends:

For cash payments, our weekend staff are not authorized to send Paypal payments and may not be able to write a bank check. We suggest contacting prior to visiting the shop on the weekends to arrange a bank check for pickup.

For store credit, send us an email at or call the shop at 347-699-2875. Our shop may be very busy at times, and this will help us prepare credit for you to spend at our shop.