Consignment Terms


Control and the consignor of the items listed on the attached page agree to these terms:

The items consigned are for sale for the period of this agreement. Consignor warrants that she or he is the owner or otherwise legally entitled to sell the items.

Consignor warrants that to the best of her or his knowledge, items are as represented.

Control assumes no liability for the loss or destruction of any items caused by an event that is beyond its control.

Upon the sale of an item, consignor receives 75% of the item’s sale price in bank check payout or 80% as in-store credit, excluding sales tax. Payment will be made 3-5 business days after date of sale. Paypal payment is accepted, but consignor must pay related Paypal fees.

Control reserves the right to cancel and return the consignment to the consignor at anytime. Should the consignor select to cancel their consignments, the consignor is responsible for the pick up of the items from the Control store on 416 Lorimer St, Ste 1R, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

The undersigned understands and agrees to the provisions of this consignment contract in its entirety.