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Creel Pone Zanagoria “Insight Modulation” (Italy) CP016 CDr



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"... second “z” creel pone in a row (don’t worry folks, there are plenty more from whence these came) ... to start off, here’s a blurb i wrote for pitchfork a few years back that i feel sums this record up on a qualitative scale ::

not much information on this one to work with. no year, no biography, google searches yield ... nothing further. it's italian ... sounds like a fabled nurse with wound 'list item'. although it's not on 'the list' (skips from lamonte young to frank zappa). the last track on the first side consists of four minutes of a flat jazz combo fed in bulk through a stuck-frequency ring modulator. the rest is this warbling falsetto with repeated machine rhythms for like ten minutes at a time (people used to edit themselves less... times were better...). could be a library-record of some mev or sonic arts union out-takes. could be hnas. could even be maurizio bianchi. but could just as easily be ohioan teenagers recording boiler-room ambience ca. 1996. we'll never know. mysterious.

...really wish i knew more about this one as it’s an intense blast of weirdness from the “empty scrapyard at midnight” camp ... i do know this ; zanagoria is reported to be an alias of italian film composer & morricone sideman giorgio carnini, who scored the music for “dead end” in ‘69... then took a few years off during which he recorded a few library lps for cam and (his own) gemelli before resurfacing in the late 80’s with yet more film scores & a few classical compositions ...

from the sounds & overall assembly method of this record i’m guessing it’s from the early to mid 70s (the two cam lps i know of are from 1971/1976) ; everything’s bathed in thick reverb, synth blat is happening ... somewhere ... miles away from the studio / recording apparatus ... slowly getting marginally closer then fading out again, far away ..."

-KFW, Mimaroglu Music Sales

Track Listings

mono-tone (2:54)
condensazioni i (3:27)
condensazioni ii (3:20)
frase in metallo (2:25)
diorama e recitativo (4:03)

cancrizzante in ritmo (2:55)
cancrizzante a solo (2:18)
kilomb (2:33)
su 60 impulsi i (2:45)
su 60 impulsi ii (4:12)
jazz modulation (3:10)

Creel Pone Press Release

This creel pone edition includes:

  • 1 x crystal-clear re-sealable polypropylene cd sleeve with a green / gold foil stamp affixed to the exterior
  • 1 x double-sided professionally printed full-color semi-gloss photo-stock booklet
  • 1 x six-color inkjet-printed compact disc-recordable in a high-density round-bottom anti-static cd sleeve

Italian of origin, has formed itself musically in argentine, country where has begun its concert career like pianist. after to have studied pianoforte, organ, composition and choral direction and are graduated near the national conservatory of music of buenos aires, have gained various important competitions.

moved in europe it has been dedicated mainly to the organ after a period of improvement with ferruccio vignanelli. considered e' one of the more organisti important than today; it has been exhibited in the greater italian and european musical institutions between which the theatre to the scale, roman the filarmonica academy, rai, the festival of the two worlds of spoleto, the arena of verona, the festival di montreux, the mozarteum di salisburgo and the musical weeks of stresa.

as director has toed make one's debut in 1983 with the orchestra from room of padova, alternating therefore regularly the two activities. many its concerts have been transmitted from the three national television nets and in eurovision. it has recorded for the memories, the new was and emi. it has to its assets numerous first executions of contemporary authors who have written for he concerts for organ and orchestra. teaching e' of main organ near the conservatory of the aquila, and has held course of improvement to the mozarteum di salisburgo, the national academy of cecilia saint, to the musical academy chigiana of siena and, currently, to academy aida.

"... second “z” creel pone in a row (don’t worry folks, there are plenty more from whence these came) ... to start off, here’s a blurb i wrote for pitchfork...

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