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Creel Pone V/A “Musica Nueva Latinoamericana - Diez Composiciones Electroacusticas y Tres Composiciones Instrumentales” (Sweden) CP130-131 Double CDr



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Track Listings

josé maria neves - un-x-2 (8:56) 1971
oscar bazan - parca (8:47) 1974

cesar bolaños - intensidad y altura (5:22) 1964
eduardo kusnir - la panaderia, versión electronica (9:20) 1970

eduardo bértola - dynamus (5:45) 1970
joaquin orellana - humanofonia (humanofonia ii) (11:37) 1971

jacqueline nova - creacion de la tierra (19:14) 1972

mariano etkin - musica ritual (13:10) 1974

juan josé iturriberry - música nocturna (8:14) 1973
gerardo gandini - música nocturna (7:37) 1964

conrado silva - equus (10:29) 1976
ariel martinez - el gloton de pepperland (9:22) 1970

coriún aharonian - homenaje a la flecha clavada en el pecho de don juan diaz de solis (13:38) 1974

... creel pone treatment of four lp’s, privately released (on the tacuabé label) in uruguay in the mid-late-70’s ::

“música nueva latinamericana 1 • cuatro composiciones electroacusticas • bazan / bolaños / kusnir / neves”

“música nueva latinamericana 2 • tres composiciones electroacusticas • bertola / nova / orellana”

“música nueva latinamericana 3 • tres composiciones instrumentales (grabado en vivo) • etkin / gandini / iturriberry”

“música nueva latinamericana 4 • tres composiciones electroacusticas - tres compositores del urugay • aharonian / martinez / silva”

"... all squeezed onto two discs & housed in a single-pocket formation with two booklets (detailed below ; one for the first two lp’s, then another for the second two with detail for the actual playing elements recreated on a “gatefold” in the second) ...

... covering a wide range of music by southern & central-american composers (executed at area studios ranging from “above-board” institutions like the claem - instituto t. di tella, cicmat, and studio de fonologia de la universidad nacionál in buenos aires & the lsv in sao paolo to “private” setups in guatemala & argentina ... but also at european studios such as the “centre americain” in paris & the g.m.e.b. in bourges) ; the first, second, and fourth volumes exclusively feature electro-acoustic work ranging from cesar bolaños’ 1964 “intensidad y altura” (scrabbly / witchy echo-addled percussive events & whispered texts run through a maze of tape-speed effects) to conrado silva’s 1976 “equus” (dark, noisy, scream-oriented vocal drone extrapolations on par w/ andre almuro’s work ; quite powerful & mysterious - listen to the sound-sample to your left for a taste) ... with the third (included here for continuity’s sake) offering three (rather kagel-esque) “instrumental” compositions, “grabado en vivo” from a distant vantage, coming across as acoustic staging(s) of the same language(s) & discipline(s) used to execute the tape(d) work(s) ...

... inarguably the best collection of uruguayan tape music you’re bound to come across ; replicated with all original-era indicators in-tact (not a shred of cultural revisionism at work) ; the creel pone train continues its global voyage ..."

- KFW (Mimaroglu Music Sales)

Creel Pone Press Release

this creel pone edition includes:
  • 1 x crystal-clear re-sealable polypropylene cd sleeve with green / gold foil stamp affixed to the exterior
  • 2 x double-sided professionally printed full-color semi-gloss photo-stock booklets
  • 2 x six-color inkjet-printed compact disc-recordables in high-density round-bottom cd sleeves

Track Listingsjosé maria neves - un-x-2 (8:56) 1971oscar bazan - parca (8:47) 1974cesar bolaños - intensidad y altura (5:22) 1964eduardo kusnir - la panaderia, versión electronica (9:20) 1970eduardo bértola -...

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