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23-Octave multi-mode voltage-controlled oscillator.

Sinc - treasure - from Old english sinc "mime" with suffix -ic "pertaining to" "pertaining to mimes"

Iter - repeat - from Latin itero "repeat"

"repeated treasure"

Sinc Iter is a 4HP voltage-controlled oscillator with a 23-octave range. It has three waveform modes: noise, plain, and super, each of which allow continual morphing between waveforms. Front-panel unipolar and bipolar outputs allow for easy use as a control source. Phase modulation and Sync modulation are both supported to provide maximal tonal variety. The Sinc Iter also has a built-in quantizer.

Sinc Iter is an oscillator. The easiest place to start is listening to the output directly. Connect the BI jack to your monitoring system. Turn the pitch knob to adjust the pitch. Tap the pitch knob to change between coarse and fine adjustment. Select between the three modes with the Noise/Plain/Super switch. Turn the Morph-Fold knob to adjust the timbre of the sound.

23-Octave multi-mode voltage-controlled oscillator.Sinc - treasure - from Old english sinc "mime" with suffix -ic "pertaining to" "pertaining to mimes"Iter - repeat - from Latin itero "repeat""repeated treasure"Sinc Iter is...

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Max Depth: 38mm
Power: 80mA@ +12V , 5mA@ -12V , 90mA@ +5V