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(Description via Intellijel)

Version 2.02
Changed:  encoder selection for CHORD TYPE or BANK now wraps around the entire list but quick rotation will shortcut you (stop) at the list end or beginning.

Version 2.01.1

Fixed: COMB+LOAD operation to initialize all settings to zero.

Version 2.01

  • Added: the CHORD TYPE parameter can now be controlled by the MODB signal.
  • Added: the wave bank selection for oscillators 1 and 2 can now be controlled by the MODB signal.
  • Added: the two oscillators now have independently selectable SYNC MODES, and both now have 1-shot and Hold modes.
  • Added: pressing the INT. SYNC button twice causes the internal sync event generator to drop in frequency by one octave (the INT. SYNC LED flashes when this mode is selected).
  • Added: when the QUANT. button is pressed twice the PITCH2 input becomes a CLOCK input for oscillator 2, where the period of the oscillator 2 cycle is equal to the input clock period. The QUANT. led flashes in this mode. In this mode the RATIO input sets the clock division/multiplication factor.
  • Added: 8 more pulse modes, including PWM, Square and random.
  • Added: added another mode to the PRESET STEP menu, where the preset is randomized on each step.
  • Added: pressing COMBO MODE and MORPH while in PRESET MODE randomizes the settings.
  • Added: pressing DETUNE and LOAD while in PRESET MODE displays the firmware version.
  • Added: the oscillator 2 output can be directed to modulate the SHAPE1 or TILT parameters.
  • Added: the MODA signal can now be used to serve as the SYNC source for oscillator 1 or to step presets.
  • Changed: the DECAY parameter range has been changed to give a smoother change with more values at longer decay times.
  • Changed: the PERC. MODE LED now flashes when the Gate behaviour is selected (by pressing the PERC. MODE button twice).
  • Changed: the initial part of the INT. FM control curve has been changed to give more resolution at the low end.
  • Changed: the number of presets has been increased to 100 and all presets are now stored in non-volatile memory. The presets now have user-definable 8-character labels, which can be randomized.
  • Changed: the number of the last preset to be loaded or saved is remembered, and is loaded upon powerup (previously preset# 1 was loaded on powerup).
  • Changed: the range of the TILT parameter has been lowered by a factor of 4. This gives more resolution in the interesting range of the tilt effect.
  • Changed: the bank numbers and chord type no longer wrap around, making it easier to reach the ends.
  • Changed: knobs are set to soft-pickup after a preset is loaded, even when leaving preset mode. Soft-pickup action is changed so that the knob takes over from the preset value when it is moved a little bit.
  • Changed: the labels for the MODA destinations “Shape1” and “Shape2” have been changed to “Shaper1” and “Shaper2” to better reflect the actual behaviour in these modes.
  • Fixed: Added a short (4msec) delay to the MODB Preset Stepping after the sync pulse is received. This is needed because many sequencers send the gate signal before the voltage has settled to its new value. 

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(Description via Intellijel) Version 2.02Changed:  encoder selection for CHORD TYPE or BANK now wraps around the entire list but quick rotation will shortcut you (stop) at the list end or...

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