Random*Source Serge Divide By N Comparator (÷NCOM) Full or Partial DIY Kit



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We offer two options for Random*Source Serge Kits. You can access the pricing for each in the drop down menu above.

Option 1:
Full kits by Dr. Wiener with high quality parts officially recommend and approved by Random*Source.

Option 2:
This options is only for the Panel and the PCB. No other components included.

Dr. Wiener hand selects the best parts and provides the finest support for you to DIY your own perfectly functioning and optimally performing Serge Divide by N Comparator (NCOM).

The NCOM complete kit include all the parts you need to complete the module including: precision headers, precision sockets, wima film caps, 1 stryoflex capacitor and quality German-made electrolytic capacitors.

The Serge NCOM is a rare, much sought-after and very essential Serge module covering a number of functions: comparator, voltage-controlled pulse divider, and voltage-controlled staircase generator.

The ÷N COMPARATOR consists of two sections - a comparator (right side) and a voltage-controlled pulse divider (left side). The ÷N output of the pulse divider sends out a pulse on every N-th comparator pulse where N is a number from 1 to 31. N can be (pre-)set with the divider’s control knob (1 ÷N) and can by changed with a control voltage. The VC knob (attenuator) on the bottom of the left side determines how much effect the control voltage has on “N”. In addition, the divider generates a staircase waveform with N steps. This can be used to produce whole-tone steps when run into the 1V/Oct input of a VCO or as a stepped control voltage to change for instance the cutoff of a filter.

The comparator provides a number of useful “housekeeping functions”: Logical decisions (if the +input is greater than the -input, the output will be high, otherwise low), Level detection (whenever a variable waveform crosses the threshold, a pulse is generated ), Pulse width modulation or Rectifying a waveform (e.g. a sine or triangle wave). (More applications and info in the Build Doc).

Now - for the first time and licensed by Serge - the NCOM is available as DIY kit for Euro.

We offer two options for Random*Source Serge Kits. You can access the pricing for each in the drop down menu above.Option 1:Full kits by Dr. Wiener with high quality parts...

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Width: 10HP
Max Depth: 40mm
Power: 20mA@ +12V , 18mA@ -12V , 0mA@ +5V