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Creel Pone Pierre Henry “Mise En Musique Du Corticalart De Roger Lafosse” (France) CP002 CDr



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"... a bit more information re: the creel pone puzzle ...

these are and will continue to be small-batch cdr editions reproducing highly covetable (and otherwise un-available) early-electronic and synth-freakout lps from the private collection of one mr. p.c. c.p. (some of you reckankomplex followers might remember he was our prior webmaster and in-house dj) ...

each creel pone comes complete in a 5” crystal clear resealable polypropylene jacket containing a high-quality full-color photo-stock print of the original lp sleeve and a cool inkjet printed white top / black bottom disc housed in its own high density round bottom cd sleeve ... the audio in each case has been expertly restored from the original vinyl source at 24-bit resolution, removing all non-essential surface noise and ground-hum (although, and certainly in the case of this title given the original lps’s scarcity, there will be a click / pop or two from time to time.) ; so ... not your average cheap cdr reissues but in fact something much, much nicer (the love certainly does shine through) ...

... and the hits keep on coming ... long my favorite pierre henry record, baffling that it was never included in one of those umpteen multi-disc box-sets on philips from the late 90s ... in the twilight days of the 1970’s henry, with the assistance of the mysterious roger lafosse, built a brainwave-conduction system which he placed on the head(s) of various individuals, feeding the resultant voltages into a giant synthesizer ... the concept being that the “composer” of the music was the one to whom the transducers were affixed ... hearing the music (inarguably henry’s fiercest and most unrelenting bit of pure analog skree) it’s understandable that this process never sparked an auto-electroacoustic-composition movement ...

... originally issued in a beautiful silver / black foil-stamped sleeve (reproduced wonderfully here) as part of the illustrious prospective 21e siècle series on philips ; mind-slaying and so incredibly aggressive for a record from 1970 ... fans of the current wave of free-electronic noise-blat (wolf eyes, peter b., nautical almanac, will find much herein to convulse over ..."

-KFW, Mimaroglu Music Sales

Creel Pone Press Release

1 x crystal-clear resealable polypropylene cd sleeve with a custom foil stamp affixed to the exterior
1 x double-sided six-color inkjet-printed hand-cut card-stock booklet
2 x single-sided one-color laser-printed hand-cut vellum translation sheets
1 x six-color inkjet-printed compact disc recordable in a high-density round-bottom cd sleeve

prospective 21st century

pierre henry

music made with roger lafosse's corticalart

variations and sonic improvisations on the electric waves of the brain, recorded live at concerts at the museum of modern art in the city of paris

in february 1971

technical production of corticalart

groupe artec (bordeaux)
electroacoustic production
apsome and j. heuze
improvisations and sonic direction
pierre henry
right, illustration: christian morin
left, photo: david henry
universal engraving
stereo / mono : 6521.022

thanks to a new technique, this stereophonic recording can be played on any modern record player with a light head. however, the stereo effect will only be reproduced on stereophonic equipment.

pierre henry, a man who has lived in a den of microphones and loudspeakers for more than 20 years, doesn't take the power of technology lightly. he uses technology as a tool to further his investigation of sounds yet unheard. pierre henry's electroacoustic catalog is the largest, most pure and determinant of it's kind. throughout his work he displays a delicate symbiosis between a craftsman and his tool and his electronic-art equipment as he acts as a precise and deliberate sculptor of sound.

in corticalart (literally: the art of the cortex), the relationship between the artist and his instrument is a thousand times closer; much faster and more direct. the mental acts of creation, capturing and amplification all happen in an instant using direct psychological mechanisms. to a composer seeking new experiences, one who is always impassioned by new inventions, organic micro-sounds and electroacoustic techniques that go beyond the fixed world of magnetic tape, the device created by roger lafosse, avant-garde cultural pioneer, founder and director of sigma arts and contemporary trends of bordeaux, researcher and musician, promises a thrilling adventure.

a system of electrodes similar to those used in electroencephalography affixed to the musician's head, can detect three kinds of electrical signals emanating from the cerebral cortex: alpha waves (relaxation, inattention, rest), beta waves (arousal, attention, activity, response) and artifact signals that are linked to eye movement. seven distinct sound sources, that is to say, seven electronic sound generators, are modulated by these infinitesimal waves. they offer the composer, who is both his own material and it's master, a musical substance that may be manipulated, combined and amplified at will in a direct and spontaneous improvisation hitherto unheard of in the electroacoustic field.

-maurice fleuret

"... a bit more information re: the creel pone puzzle ...these are and will continue to be small-batch cdr editions reproducing highly covetable (and otherwise un-available) early-electronic and synth-freakout lps...

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