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Creel Pone Michael Lobel “Trip-Tych, The Sound-Paintings Of Michael Lobel” (USA) CP117 CDr



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"... originally brought to light in 1977 by serenus (the same folks that unleashed the early creel pone “hit,” “the inside of the outside ... or the outside of the inside” ) this is a fine example of a record that straddles the divide between library-music style conventions (many of the pieces are short, melodic numbers of the sort that would dot the silent spaces in a public-tv science program - listen to the first part of the sound-sample for an especially gorgeous / successful one) and wild, free-form synthesizer filigree (ditto the 2nd & 3rd segments, presented out of order) ...

thematically linked into three “themes”, the a-side’s “the bible” suite takes you through a series of old testament scenarios (partly brimstone, partly hell-fire) with each piece based on a particular verse ... the b-side offers a suite based on gulliver’s travels (lighter, more sprightly fare), then a quintet of pieces sub-titled “modern times” that wades out into darker waters, offering several glimpses of raicevic-ian abandon ...

an excellent title for a creel pone ; one of which i hadn’t seen / heard until now, rescued from a charity shop back room & entered (back) into our collective consciousness(es) ..."

-KFW (Mimaroglu Music Sales)

Track Listings

lower than angels / crowned with glory (1:27)
a ladder / angels ascending and descending (1:56)
a stranger in a strange land (1:13)
the lilies of the field ... they toil not (0:48)
if the trumpet give uncertain sound (1:53)
a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet (1:39)
they have sown the wind ... shall reap the whirlwind (1:42)
to everything there is a season (2:37)
the lord sent huim forth frmo the garden (2:20)
make a joyful noise unto god, all ye lands (2:52)

... a human creature not six inches high ... (1:28)
1500 emperor’s horses, each about 4 1/2 inches high (1:07)
i observed a huge creature walking after them (0:55)
... whoever jumps the highest without falling (0:49)
for my insatiable desire of seeing foreign countries (1:10)

blast off! (0:26)

did not see it until the atom bomb burst (h.g. wells) (1:24)
not fond of platitudes in staind-glass attitudes (gilbert) (1:38)
if history repeats itself it is because ... (nietzsche) (3:51)
unpassioned the keen beauty of a great machine (brooke) (2:13)
what has concluded that we should conclude (w. james) (2:14)

Creel Pone Press Release

This creel pone edition includes:

  • 1 x crystal-clear re-sealable polypropylene cd sleeve with a green / gold foil stamp affixed to the exterior
  • 1 x double-sided professionally printed full-color semi-gloss photo-stock booklet
  • 1 x six-color inkjet-printed compact disc-recordable in a high-density round-bottom anti-static cd sleeve

Michael Lobel writes:

the word "triptych" (trip-tick), a set of three pictures, is used here to describe this recording, a round trip ticket for a three-part journey: biblical travels, gulliver's travels and modern travels. these trips, composed of twenty pieces, are text-textures, literally underscoring the quotations for which they were written. the music is primarily electronic but tape manipulation and acoustic sound sources were also used. although there is a deliberate relationship between the quotations and the music, the three sections may stand as entities in a non-programmatic way or (since the compositions are obviously evocative) in a purely personal programmatic way. whichever route you take - bon voyage!

"... originally brought to light in 1977 by serenus (the same folks that unleashed the early creel pone “hit,” “the inside of the outside ... or the outside of the...

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