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Make Noise Phonogene Firmware v.372 Update

Phonogene Firmware v.372 Update

Make Noise Phonogene Firmware v.372 Update

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(Description via Make Noise)
Firmware Engineered by Flemming Christensen, Gotharman
Firmware v.372 Engineered by Tom Erbe

Phonogene Firmware v.372 Updates

  • Improved Audio Fidelity
  • Improved Vari-Speed response (shorter scale, greater resolution)
  • End of GENE Pulse (EOS outputs pulses for both Splices and Genes, turn up Gene Size see this in action)
  • Longer Record Time (improved memory management and fidelity make longer recordings possible)
  • Broken ECHO Mode: all new behavior allows for realtime processing of audio signals.
  • To enter Broken Echo Mode create a sample/ loop/ Splice (just press REC button and record entire memory blank, for example),press and hold REC button until you pass through the EOS (EOS flashes) and RECORD will be stuck ON. To Exit Broken ECHO, just hit REC button again (do not HOLD it though, or you will go back into Broken Echo).
  • In this mode the PHONOGENE is similar to the Echoplex with the SOS switch activated or that trick that William S. Burroughs used where he covered the ERASE head of a tape recorder and allowed a spool of tape to be recorded over and over again (without erasing the previous recordings). This is a great mode for building walls of sound, drones or making crude echo FX.
  • Phonogene will still mind Splices and Vari-Speed, Gene Size, Shift and Slide all function. Any modulation of these parameters will be recorded. Be sure to set the MIX control according to your desired results. For example, live input processing will require the MIX to be set at around 50%, while massaging content that has been captured will need MIX set to 100% WET. Adding or removing splices during Broken Echo Mode is not supported.
  • Double trigger at EOS while Vari-Speed set for Forward playback is fixed.

If you would like to upgrade through the mail, please do the following:

1. Add this to your cart.
2. Note the serial number in the Orders Comments section of the checkout page.
3. Mail your module to our shop with the following address:

Phonogene Upgrade c/o Control
416 Lorimer St #1R
Brooklyn, NY 11206

4. If your shipper provides a tracking number, e-mail the tracking number to

Note: Postage is paid for by the sender. Please pack it well. We are not responsible for damages that incur for packages that are shipped to us. We offer free shipping back to with the upgrade for orders over $75.

Phonogenes can be immediately upgraded by bringing it to the storefront. The process takes only a few minutes.

(Description via Make Noise)Firmware Engineered by Flemming Christensen, GotharmanFirmware v.372 Engineered by Tom ErbePhonogene Firmware v.372 Updates Improved Audio Fidelity Improved Vari-Speed response (shorter scale, greater resolution) End of GENE...

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