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Elektron Model:Cycles

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Six track FM based groovebox
Scale angles dense and jagged, glide over plains vast and fluid or sink into mists of dissonance. To model is to shape the formless. Model:Cycles is a six-track FM-based groovebox that brings exploring into the heart of sound sculpting. With six unique machines in one lightweight unit, you can effortlessly mold rhythm and melody across the digital spectrum using instant, tactile controls. Exploration made attainable.

Define the formless
The six machines of the digital FM engine cover both percussive and melodic synths, allowing you to make full, varied compositions. The four core synth controls put the tools of sound sculpting right in front of you, altering the behavior of each machine differently and letting you push them to the limit. Every sound has a start, where will you take it?

Dedicated controls
Dedicated knobs let you twist each machine far and wide with wild, unexpected results waiting to be discovered. Use control all to heave a parameter to the extreme and back again across every track. Elektron’s powerful sequencer gives you the freedom to record every move live or program the sounds and parameters of your composition one step at a time.

Superior sequencing
The full-featured step sequencer lets you control both structure and sound. Press a step and tweak any parameter onto it for ultra-fast and detailed sequencing. Real-time record every twist and turn you make, or build your composition one step at a time. Add some controlled randomness and logic with the trig conditions. Knock out some block-rocking p-locks!

The machines
A machine, in case you're new to the Elektron vernacular, is a specific drum machine (or synth) model that acts as the sound engine of your choice. Choose any of the unique machines for use on any of the six tracks. Build your own personal orchestra.

Light weight, heavy sound
Whether you use it as a versatile live instrument or groovebox on the go to pick up and craft full-blown compositions away from your studio, exploration has rarely felt so convenient and unimpeded.

Model:Cycles is ready for magic music-making straight out of the box. There is plenty of top-notch factory content to play with from wonder peops such as Skinnerbox, Richard Devine, Animistic Beliefs, (d) glitched, and Blush Response, as well as a whole bunch of Elektron staff supplying their slices of nice.

Plug and play
Easily connect to other class-compliant devices such as phones, tablets or computers for some instant MIDI and audio over USB action.

Six track FM based grooveboxScale angles dense and jagged, glide over plains vast and fluid or sink into mists of dissonance. To model is to shape the formless. Model:Cycles is...

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