Intellijel Cascadia (Pre-Order)

Intellijel Cascadia (Pre-Order)

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This item is a Pre-order and is not in stock. Pre-order availability and ETA is based on details provided by the manufacturer and are subject to change without notice. Payment is collected at the time when the order is placed.

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Details / Features / Specs
A deep and flexible semi-modular mono synth, it was developed by a team of veteran synth aficionados to be the realization of their collective dream. It is a synthesist’s synthesizer — a well-considered, finely-honed, stand-alone instrument capable of both nuance and bombast. You are never more than a slider away from turning sweet into raucous, or a patch cable removed from corrupting the virtuous into the wicked.

To distill Cascadia into a bullet-list of features does not do justice to the sonic possibilities that lurk just behind the panel. Instead, it’s best to imagine the potential of two oscillators (one capable of operating at LFO rates; and one with full TZFM and sync capabilities) — each with multiple independent outputs working as both sound and modulation sources. Think about the possibilities of a fully-modulatable, self-oscillating, multimode filter with numerous modes simultaneously available, or the sonic advantages of having both wavefolding and ring modulation built-in. Envision having a pair of fully-configurable envelopes — one, a take on a classic ADSR with an assignable Hold stage; the other, a powerful multimode function generator, which becomes an Envelope, LFO or Burst generator with the flick of a switch. Picture using either MIDI or CV (or both) to drive your sound and modulation; or using the built-in trio of utility LFOs; an additional VCA/LPF/LPG; slew; sample & hold; multipliers, inverter; and mixuverters to refashion it. Ponder the sonic options of bringing in external audio and using it to either modulate or mix into Cascadia’s architecture. Speaking of mixing, consider the fully-featured on-board mixer that blends not only all these internal and external sources, but also features multiple types of noise, a sub-oscillator, and soft clipping. And because we wanted Cascadia to be as flexible as possible, we decided not to hamper it with a limited selection of on-board effects but, instead, imbue it with the capability to fully integrate and control external effects devices — allowing you to incorporate your favorite pedals into your own personal playground of signature sounds, anywhere in the signal chain.

Cascadia is a semi-modular synthesizer, meaning that many of its capabilities reveal themselves to the musician without the need to insert a single patch cable. Cascadia’s default signal path is well-conceived and deep. But for those willing to dive even deeper, a plethora of new sounds are possible when you start rerouting signals using the many available patch points. And to allow for the ultimate flexibility, these patch points conform to the Eurorack standard, meaning you can expand Cascadia’s capabilities through the use of external modules.

Cascadia leverages Intellijel’s long commitment to modular synthesis and coalesces it into a single package of sonic possibility. Whether used stand-alone or as part of a larger system, we at Intellijel believe this is the synth to bridge the past to the future; the novice to the pro; the desktop to the eurorack; and you to your musical goals.

A deep and flexible semi-modular mono synth, it was developed by a team of veteran synth aficionados to be the realization of their collective dream. It is a synthesist’s synthesizer...

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