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  Blue Lantern Modules Asteroid BD
Blue Lantern Modules Asteroid BD
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Blue Lantern Asteroid BD

(Description via Blue Lantern)
introducing the new blue lantern modules analog drum kick. This design was sitting in my pc for over 2 years, and i am barely getting around to releasing it.  Shame on me.
This drum kick module can cover a good range of analog drum kick sounds. I included the essentials in bass drum control and sculpting. You can go from chi-town muddy
drums to Detroit techno drums really easy.

The key feature i included is that the decay will go long (almost infinite) when fully clockwise. there is a trimmer to adjust and fine tune the decay knob. I already calibrated for
the best setting.


»  Sine Wave Based Internal Oscillator
»  Transistor Based Envelope Generator, and Vca
»  Drum Sound is at synth level
»  Internal Overdrive Distortion for Tube-like sound
»  Jacks: Audio out, Trigger input
»  Controls: Tune Knob, Decay Knob, Tone Knob, Buzz Knob, Manual Trigger Button

Technicial Specs

»  Eurorack Format
»  6HP
»  +18mA, -8mA
»  Skiff Friendly

Blue Lantern Headquarters can be found HERE.